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Kalis Marco S, M.R.B
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Kara kruz: the mommy returns (10th palkat)


Kara Kruz: The Mommy Returns (10th palkat)

Kalis Marco S, M.R.B.

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
-Lea Salonga (with Brad Kane), A Whole New World

Part VI, Da Formula 6

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is based on true events and confessions during tita Judge Aramina’s trials and tribulations. Names, places, and events are slightly modified and altered not to sensationalize but to hide the true personae of the characters and any similarities to your real life experiences are purely accidental, co-incidental, and unintended. Peks man, cross my heart and hope to die. Discretion is strongly advised as some readers might find the contents just a little suggestive.

(N.B., still unable to write the sequel of this never-ending story, Tita Judge Aramina again requested that I write it, because not only that she is overly encumbered with her duties as the Vice President, just like tita Kara Danvers, tita Judge Aramina has to walk away too from certain… vulnerabilities?)

One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again
-Clive Staples Lewis

While tita Judge Aramina and tito Mayor Aramiro pondered if Tito Karm had received benefits like dental or extended health care from tita Mayora Annette because of his position as sales associate in their Karmanet SariSari Store Enterprise, Datu Tandulan was also pondering the unbelievable sight he has just sighted:

A flying banig.

Or in english, a soaring, flying Afghan rug. Or was it Persian?

A rug that was catapulted into the skies by the explosion from the nearby Catholic Church; catapulted and eventually went soaring.

“At my age”, Datu Tandulan muttered to himself, “I don’t need to read or watch fairytale stories or movies because I have seen fairytale-like events, or objects, or mysterious entities, I have seen with my own eyes a Dyesebel mermaid in the likeness of my #1 idol Miss Alma Moreno, or my other #1 idol Miss Ara Mina, or Don Huan’s #1 idol Marian Rivera. I swear to Bathala or Kabunian Miss Alma Moreno and Miss Ara Mina looked so real.”

Listening to himself, Datu Tandulan might have sounded incoherent, or probably he thought he was not making any sense, but to be able to see a real flying rug in his lifetime, he really did not know how to put his feeling, his indescribable, overwhelming elation into words.

(Totally in contrast to tita geneticist Elisa’s Auntie in Richmond Hill where she was screaming and yelling to express her overwhelming joy last night when the Raptors defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals against the Warriors, yes Warriors, not the Portland Trailblazers)

“It is just like,” Datu Tandulan muttered to himself, “just like… a wishful thinking… a fantasy… just like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

(Or probably Judge Moira Dela Torre… she promised me)

Meanwhile, back in Camarines, near the rock that rolled and near the opening of the cave, the glowing woman who appeared and came out of the cave stood unmoving.

Tita Christine: Is that a belo… a glowing veil she’s wearing?

Tito Charlie: OMG… she’s not Miss VV… this is an apparition… She is… MM! Mother Mary! Is She looking for Her buried Son?

Tito Edo: Wait… Christine, do you remember when you said ‘OPEN SESAME’ and suddenly the rock moved and at the same time, we saw the rug in the sky… and I thought I saw someone riding on the rug… was that Miss Lea Salonga?

Tita Christine: I noticed that too! And if Miss Lea Salonga had facial hair then it’s her!

Tita Alexandria: Oh, so I was not just seeing things! I saw it too… the rider with facial hair, and because you said ‘OPEN SESAME’ I think that was Aladdin riding his Magic Car-phf-phf-phfe-phet

Tito Edo, who suddenly covered tita Alexandria’s mouth with his left palm, said laughing: Don’t say it Alex! You want your future boypren KAL-EL to get embroiled in some nasty copyright lawsuit? Just say flying rug! Tell her Christine; you are the copyright expert!

Tita Christine (laughing): That’s right, but wasn’t it Ali Baba who opened his cave with those magic words… but I don’t see any of the forty thieves

Tita Alexandria: I think some of them won in the recently concluded Philippine elections

Tito Edo, who suddenly covered tita Alexandria’s mouth again with his left palm, said without laughing: OMG Alexandria! That’s not funny! You’ll put us all into trouble!

Meanwhile, at the Karmanet SariSari Store Kabilukan compound, the flying rug had landed:

Ate Jennifer: OMG! Is that Aladdin mommy?

Tita Henrietta: I don’t think so daughter… Aladdin is a fairytale character, what you are seeing is a real person that rode on that flying rug!

Tita Lara Mae Dario Garcia: Another alien?

Tita Elisa who was still whiter that a whiter shade of pale couldn’t share Topet’s excitement as he pointed at the rug rider while clapping his hands. Tita Elisa was thinking of her poor husband deacon who could be reciting his introductory speech to St Peter at the Heaven’s gate at that moment… or… probably worse, her poor husband deacon is in an agonizing position under a collapsed roof of the Church of the Later Married Saints.

Meanwhile, at the CLMS, a few blocks away from the Karmanet Sari-Sari Store Kabikulan, the agonizing Deacon Karl remained immobile, his eyes transfixed at the angelic face of the equally agonizing tita detective Precious who was still seated at the lap of the Deacon who was seated at the right side of the Father’s chair.

Then suddenly, tita detective Precious, arms still tightly wrapped around the Deacon’s shoulders, rested her head on the Deacon’s left shoulder.

“Now, we do look like dancing a sweet kapet-kapet dance, like, we are new boypren-gelpren, mag-jowa,” the agonizing Deacon muttered to himself. Then suddenly, the Deacon felt a stirring agony somewhere.

Meanwhile, back at the Karmanet Sari-Sari Store Kabikulan, also a few blocks away from the CLMS, the rug rider suddenly spoke:

“Name’s Maya, Engineer Jerry Maya… I am looking for my wife Alicia G.”

Kalis Marco San, M.R.B. ©2019

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