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The Frat
3/18/2007 5:33:03 AM

Jonathan GA '06

As you bring your tenure as an Archon to a close and revert back to being a regular Brod,
do not feel dishearten that some alumni brods have questioned how things were done or
how events turned out to be during your term. To question whether or not these alumni
brods have a right to say those things or even offer their two cents worth would not be
helpful. These brods are persons who feel strongly about what the Sigma Rho is. They are
also products of different generations and experiences. They are speaking from what they
experienced as resident brods, different time, different generation and different
surroundings. Please do no begrudge them, just let them be, they mean well. Saying
nothing will increase your maturity and your stock in our community, just sock it up you
will be fine. If one questions, ten wil come to your defense.

As you have learned in UP and thru the Sigma Rho way of life, we evolve, as well as our
surroundings and we need to adapt so as not be confined in the dustbin of history or be
inconsequential. As a leader, you do what you must under the circumstances, people
might question but you have to stick to your plan so long as your brain, heart and brawn
spells it to be right. Your moral compass will be a good barometer. I presume that from
time to time you have realized how lonely it is to be in your position. Sometimes, deciding
this way will result into this. In every decision, there is some collateral damage, simply,
means we can not have our cake and eat it too.

A few years back, when I left UP and the Archon was a good friend of mine, I asked him
why things were done that way and I did not approve of what he did. I saw in his eyes an
Archon at that, the disappointment of not being up to do a good job. I REGRETTED that
day at Malcolm Hall and up to know I make amends and see what I can do to assist him to
achieve his full potential. I was also, young then, I thought that being an alumnus, I had a
right to dictate what needed to be done but I've learned that, that is not so. We make our
own history and others' history should not be imposed upon us but we need to learn from
those moments and be better. Brods must leave it up to Archon to decide whats best for
the resident brods. As alumni, we can give our advice and pray that they heed the advice
but in the finally analysis. It is up the Grand Archon and the resident brods to decide the
course of action taken BECAUSE, its their time, their moment not ours. Whatever they do
will be part of Sigma Rho history but our history is both good and bad, solemn and joyful,
tragic and comical .

By law, the word of the Archon is law, we should be there to support him not critize the
POSITION in public on the courses of action he undertook in the performamnce of that
solemn duty. Once the concept of the all mighty Archon is degraded, we put the Sigma
Rho in jeopardy. We do not want that to happen. They are other modes to relay a critic and
it should be done IN PRIVATE, because other people might be able to see and read them

Jonathan, be regal, keep your composure under fire, stay quiet and sock it up. Good
meaning Sigma Rhoans will come to your aid, and they have done so already, NOT because
you were right or you were wrong but you are the ARCHON and during your term your
word is law. You now belong to an exclusive club, my Archon said only former Archons
can understand the burdens and loneliness of the position, seek their advice and what
they went thru, you know some of them. As I end this piece, let me now congratulate you
on a job well done. Study well and be a lawyer. Your achievements as an Archon will be
remembered in 10 years time because we as Rho Sig men need to see its fruit first. Rest
assured, bad moves so long as not monumental will be forgotten. See you at ball and keep
your cool!

Fraternally yours,

Angelo '87



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