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9/24/2017 4:56:28 AM

When to stop making money,
and how much is enough (hundred thousands, million, ten million)?
Out of thousand hectares
of good farm land,
you can consume only
three quarts (of rice) daily;
out of a thousand mansions,
you only need eight square
meters of space to rest at night.
So, as long as you
have enough food and
enough money to spend,
that is good enough.
You should live happily.
Every family has its own problems.
Just do not compare with others
for fame and social status
and see whose children
are doing better, etc.,
but challenge others for happiness,
health, enjoyment,
quality of life and longevity...
Don't worry about things
that you can't change
because it doesn't help and
it may spoil your health.
You have to create
your own well-being
and find your own
place of happiness.
As long as you are in good mood and good health,
think about happy things,
do happy things daily
and have fun in doing,
then you will pass your
time happily every day.
One day passes without happiness, you will lose one day.
One day passes with happiness,
and then you gain one day.
In good spirit,
sickness will cure;
in a happy spirit,
sickness will cure faster;
in high and happy spirits;
sickness will never come.
With good mood,
suitable amount of exercise,
always in the sun,
variety of foods,
reasonable amount of vitamin
and mineral intake,
hopefully you will live
another 20 or 30 years
of healthy life of pleasure.
Learn to cherish
the goodness around
... and FRIENDS...
They all make you
feel young and "wanted"...
without them you are
surely to feel lost!
Above all..
learn to LOVE THE LORD..



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