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2/20/2016 10:52:30 AM

It is a truism that the majority sets societal norms, as my friend Norjan Abbas sagely commented. If you deviate therefrom, you will be ostracized, demonized or even dehumanized. The glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome were more tolerant of any sexual orientation deviating from majority heterosexual behavior. With the collapse of the two empires, the major religions Islam, Christianity and Jewry condemn homosexuality as a sin, being that it deviates from the norms laid down by the majority dating back to Old Testament times. However, many Protestant sects in the USA have revised their tenets and removed the opprobrium and sinfulness associated with the "H" word. The Catholic Church itself decrees that homosexuality is not per se a sin. It becomes a sin only when those afflicted with it commit sexual acts with persons of the same sex. To be a good Catholic, a gay person should remain celibate. Or marry someone of the opposite sex to engage in sexual acts with the spouse. And so many Christians/ Catholics follow this moral imperative and are none the worse for it. In a democracy, the rights of the minority should be protected as enunciated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In the USA, all three branches of government have , through the years, attenuated or removed restrictions on those with sexual orientation different than that of the majority. In the Philippines, societal norms and mores remain dictated by the majority and deviants therefrom have a long way to go before they can shuck off the stigma of shame and dishonor simply for marching to a different drummer nature might have designed for people like them since time immemorial. The quirks of nature do disrupt some general order of things and create a few exceptions. Those who unfortunately fall through nature's cracks through no fault of their own at birth are condemned to suffer throughout their lives because they are in the minority, but some of them don't relish the idea of being penalized for nature's penchant for periodic aberrations. This is a conundrum of human procreation that has no solution. You kill gays today, a thousand more will be born tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Because the fault lies not in gays, who did not choose to be born either homo or hetero, male or female. The fault lies in Mother Nature, which will continue to periodically produce minorities with different sexual inclinations till the end of time, whether we like it or not. We need tolerance and compassion to preserve peace and harmony among people of disparate idiosyncrasies. Life is short.



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