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Dan Amosin's musing
12/30/2015 4:38:42 PM

Reacting to provocations should not be automatic, if you value your life, limb, peace, upbringing, sobriety or sense of decency. In the following situations, it is foolish if not foolhardy, to react: 1) Provocation by strangers- ignore them. It is not personal, but situational and means nothing if you say sorry, move on and take the high road. Both of you don't know each other. If the other person knew who you are and your qualifications, he would probably kneel down, say sorry and kiss your feet in respect and vice versa:2) Provocation by war freaks- ignore them. They do it all the time, if not with you, then with others who happen to be around. The defect or problem is in their character or mental state, not in you. They deserve pity and prayers, not hostility. One of these days, they'll meet their comeuppance from a similar freak, and they'll get their just desserts; 3) Provocation by persons with mental disequilibrium- lest you forget, if you pick a fight with mentally-disturbed people, you become the monster you detest and kibitzers will wonder if you too have mental issues; 4) Provocation by fanatics, bigots or prejudiced people-ignore their putrid intolerance. They are full of unreasoning hate and live a life of misery and stress caused by toxic hatred. You wouldn't want to absorb their miserable state by imbibing the toxic waste of hatred they spew around , thus unwittingly becoming like them.



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