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8/25/2013 12:05:53 PM


A man was walking along a secluded road with his young son. On the way he found a golden chain lying on the road. He knew that it belonged to some earlier traveler but decided to steal it. He looked all around him to confirm that no one was watching his action. He picked up the precious chain and put it into his pocket.

As they continued the journey the son asked him innocently, “Daddy, you looked all around you before picking up the chain. But why didn’t you look upwards?” The innocent words of the child enlightened him. He realized that these words echoed the whisper of his conscience.

He confessed, “I should have looked upwards - to heaven - and sought the will of God who was watching me. I have sinned.” Transformed by his son’s words, he entrusted the chain to the officer in the nearest police station.

............God sees everything we do. Wherever we go, he is watching us with affection. God sees what happens everywhere, He watches every step we take. There is no darkness dark enough to hide a person from God. Let us learn to listen to the whisper of our conscience, which echoes God’s words to guide us.



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