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8/18/2013 8:29:22 PM


We are familiar with the world-renowned portrait of the Lord’s last supper. If we examine it closely, we will be surprised to find that there is no lamp in the picture though it portrays a supper. It is said that the original painting was made with the figure of a splendid lamp hanging from the ceiling and showering its brilliant rays on the scene.

After finishing the painting, the great painter showed it to his friends and students. They unanimously praised the beauty and solemnity of the lamp. An ordinary artist would have been glad to hear such words of praise. But the gifted painter immediately removed the figure of the lamp from the painting, as he wanted the Lord’s face to be the only focus of attraction in the work.

Anything that distracts our attention from His holy face should be removed, he said. That is how we got the painting without a lamp.

...............This story should make us examine the focus of attention in our activities of evangelization. Christ should be the center of our attention and anything that causes a deviation of interest and attention- such as fame, money or authority should be removed. We must become true disciples of our Lord.



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